As Christians, we are compelled to love our neighbors as ourselves and compelled to reach into society to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ. Real love runs in a one way direction. It is poured out without expecting anything in return, given without expectation of benefit, and nourished without expectation of reward. God offers this love to us through the death of His one and only son Jesus Christ. As a community of believers, we seek to extend this lavish love through our Mission Projects. 

We love seeing people healed, delivered and set free of strongholds, addictions, sin and hopelessness. It's been a tremendous blessing to meet the needs of those that are hungry, thirsty, hurting and broken.  It's been an honor and privilege to meet some of the most amazing people and kids through our projects. We consider them our friends and family and we wanted to say "thank you" to them for allowing us into their lives and for sharing their life's journey.  

It's beautiful to see lives encounter Jesus. It's what it's all about.